Interstitial Cystitis Returns With A Vengeance

Well, it’s official.  My Interstitial Cystitis symptoms have returned like mad and I am now experiencing the misery I did back when I first was diagnosed.  The urologist says my incident of brown urine was due to my IC symptoms returning but I’m still not so sure.  I’ve been trying to find another doctor to get a second opinion but I can’t get an appointment anytime soon.

This week it has been really bad and my weekend away with my family ended up in major pain, constant trips to the bathroom, and sleepless nights.  We took our son to an amusement park on Saturday and with the heat, the pain, the frequent trips to the bathroom and all of the pressure from walking, I was ready to cry.  All I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and lie down.  Then we went to the water ride and game area of the park I was able to sit in a chair under the shade while our son played and i started to feel a little better.

The heat and all of the sweating, despite a lot of water drinking, left me feeling dehydrated and the burning when I would go to the bathroom was so bad I would tear up every time.  Once we got back to the hotel I was able to drink even more water and since I was no longer sweating, I had a better flow of urine and the burning subsided a lot.  

Sunday I was feeling a little better but we weren’t walking around as much.  I’m off today but I do work tomorrow and I’m worried about whether or not I will have to go to the restroom a lot and if the pain is really bad.  The symptoms of IC are such that you feel sick all over.  I hope this flare is not here to stay for long but I fear that I will need to have my bladder stretched again.  Time will tell I guess.

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