Insomnia Strikes Again – Little Sleep Past 4 Nights

I apologize I haven’t posted for a couple of days.  I have had insomnia since Saturday night and I have been extremely exhausted.  We had a busy weekend with my husband’s business, then I had to work on Monday & Tuesday.  I have also been going through another Interstitial Cystitis flare and I had to purchase marshmallow root for the first time in a couple of years to help ease the pain and symptoms. 

Sunday I spent all day at the toy show running to the bathroom and having abdominal pain and pelvic pressure.  Then Sunday night I was up all night because my son got sick and was throwing up.  I only had a little better than an hour of sleep that night then I had to go into work first thing Monday morning.  I figured by now I would be sleeping pretty well at night but last night I was awake until after 4 a.m., then I had to get up at 7:00 a.m. to get my son ready for school.  I tried sleeping once he left for school but my husband kept calling me on the cell phone and blowing his loud truck horn everytime he passed the house.  I get so frustrated and I feel like I am on the verge of a mental breakdown when I go this long without sleep.   I have told him over and over again if I do not answer the phone then I am either sleeping or trying to sleep.  I might as well talk to myself, though, because he doesn’t quit calling.

It never seems to matter how many times I tell people I need sleep I’m still not left alone.  Today I just wanted to run away from home and go check into a hotel for a few days so that I can get some peace and quiet.  I love my husband and my son but they are both so needy sometimes and they act as though they can’t survive without me around for even a few hours.  I just don’t have the energy to keep up and I need a break from everything.  My husband is very supportive most of the time and he does try to take our son off of my hands whenever I am not doing well, but I’m still not left alone long enough to get any rest that will do me any good.  For example, today after my son came home from school I was trying to sleep and even though he was downstairs with my husband, he kept coming upstairs to ask me if he could have something to eat or something to drink.  Why didn’t he just ask his dad?  He was downstairs with him.  I know these things sound trivial but when you haven’t had hardly any sleep for several nights every little thing seems exaggerated. 

Today after the repeated calls and the repeated horn blows waking me up, I gave up and worked on getting the house cleaned.  I have to work tomorrow and my goal was to get that job done today.  After I was done I was really miserable, however.  I just want to sleep like a normal person even if it is only for one night.  That would be better than what I’ve been getting.

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  1. I’m with ya there, girl. I suffer from insomnia periodically and it is truly the most miserable thing in the world!! Hoping you get more sleep tonight!

  2. Michelle Kennedy says:

    Hello Sandy,

    I certainly can relate to how you feel. I myself have been suffering with Insomnia for over 10 yrs. now, and it’s very frustrating.. My sons are both married,, so I’m without children but I do have a boyfriend and he’s quite ‘supportive’ although at times he can get a little irritable which I do understand.

    But it’s so difficult for me to sleep and of course I’ve discussed this with my doctors and have taken various types of meds..still can’t sleep..Also having Fibromyaligia, Depression, Arthritis, it adds more fuel too the fire I feel you on a ‘getaway’.. When my boufriend comes home from work he unwinds by watching tv, and listening too music very loudly, and also asking me for this or that, instead of looking for what he needs..

    Many people just don’t underatand how it feels to be sleep ‘deprived’ if they haven’t gone through it on consistent basis.. I really hope someday there will be a resoultion too this soon..The Insomina madness is a terrible thing…

    Take care of yourself, and I hope that you can get some well needed rest soon.


  3. Ah yes – my old friend insomnia …

    It’s been back the past couple nights because of fudge. Yes, fudge.

    I have little to no self-control and I’ll admit that. My husband and I came upon a candy store over the weekend and before I knew it we had a pound of this, 1/2 pound of that and so on and so forth. We came home with lbs of it.

    I am really very annoyed at both of us – it is very important that I be sugar free and cleaning up my act … sigh.

    One leap forward for sweets – ten steps back for my health. It will be gone tomorrow …

    I have a number of remedies for sleep that work very well as long as I am not throwing massive amounts of sugar into the equation. Had to find them because over the past four years my husband and I have both had some vicious bouts of insomnia due to adrenal fatigue, migraines medications – you name it.

    If you are interested please stop my blog at and click on the “Fatigue & Insomnia” tag. There is something there for everyone.

    Hope you are sleeping like a babe asap. I was on a cleaning rampage today too!


  4. I am going through the same thing right now, so I can relate. So tired you’re ready to cry but no tears will come; close your eyes and they snap open like a window blind that’s been pulled down too far; open them and they droop. Read, and you go back and re-read a half dozen times before you give up on that one page that your brain won’t retain; the frustration overcomes the tiredness you hoped would come with trying to read. Now, you feel stupid, tired, sad, angry, frustrated, sore, nauseated on and off, your eyes won’t focus half the time, get up and you’re dizzy and fall asleep halfway down the hall, lie down and you’re wide awake. And your family says, “Well, of COURSE you’re tired, you need to get some sleep!” Give ’em the MBO – Master of the Bleedin’ Obvious – DUH! At no time is the brain fog so bad that you don’t know it might ease up and you’d feel better if you slept. How stupid do they think you are? Wait…don’t answer that, please, we don’t want to add “ticked off as hades” to the list of things going wrong. The urge to punch something – possibly someONE – is slmost overwhelming – now, all you need is some energy and about 2 feet of high density foam padding so it doesn’t hurt to smack them upside the head – oh, wait, they wouldn’t hurt, either, would they? Darn…putting a brick on the end of the foam would backfire, too. At which point you wonder if maybe, instead of counting sheep or another cup of chamomile or another valerian capsule, you can count ways to smack people who make really stupid statements! It could wark….

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