Hoping Workout Will Improve Health

I joined a local gym with the hopes that a steady workout will help to improve my overall stamina and health.  I am working with the trainers at the gym to get a workout that will be tolerable for my health problems.  My main goal with joining this gym is to build my upper body strength so that my back and neck won’t hurt so much.

Part of my workout plan right now is to do some light cardio work one day, then take a day off, then the next day, work on strength training.  I will keep everyone updated with how my CFS and FM responds to these workouts.  If I find I can’t tolerate it, then I will have to try something else.

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  1. I have had CFS & FM for so long, & I know the fact I’ve done as much exercising as possible has a lot to do with the fact I was able to work 22 yr with FM, 12 of that with CFS as well. Since I’m fat & always have been, of course no one believes I ever eat right, or that I ever exercised a day in my life, but after years of 1000 cal or fewer diets, starting at age 11, my metabolism’s about shut down totally.

    I still try to be as active as possible, but lately, the pain’s so bad, & gets so much worse with just ordinary household chores, that exercise isn’t possible much of the time. Because of this, I was seen by a PMR physician (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation). She recommended something I couldn’t afford – but I was able to find a substitute. She recommended Exerstriders, which are very pricey for even the cheapest version. I found hiking poles in Harriet Carter’s catalog that essentially look the same & function similarly. The PMR doctor insisted they’d make it easier to walk – she was right – they totally redistribute your weight to make it easier. You have to stand up straight, so they reinforce good posture, which improves breathing naturally. I use them in place of canes; of course, some days, I still need the scooter, but it’s nice to have the help those provide; I do more walking around with them than I could with a cane or walker. Thought I’d pass along the info in case it would be helpful to you or someone else.

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