Help With Medications For Low-Income Patients by Dispensary of Hope


The Dispensary of Hope, a growing not-for-profit network, is helping low-income patients get the necessary medications they are not able to afford on their own.  Approximately 1,000 medical practices across the country are donating drug samples to Dispensary of Hope that they would normally destroy.   The drugs that these medical practices would destroy but send to the Dispensary of Hope are valued at tens of millions of dollars.  The Dispensary of Hope is a 30-location medication dispensary system.  The network consists of  prescription drug contributors, collection and distribution sites, and dispensing medical centers that help patients who do not have insurance coverage and with income levels below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

For more information and to see if there is a dispensary near you, please visit the Dispensary of Hope website at

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  1. this is definitely good to hear. Anyone that helps low income families get medications is alright with me.

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