Have Japanese Researchers Found Diagnostic Tool for ME/CFS?

In a small study held by Japanese researchersthey haveidentified 12 genes that havegreatly altered levels ofmessenger RNA in people who have ME/CFS. Messenger RNA is a type of genetic material that helps cells to make necessary proteins by using DNA information.

Out of the 12 genes the researchers were able to identify what nine of the genes were doing. They linked these particular genes to T cells and natural killer cells – both of which are believed to play a huge role in ME/CFS.

Through this study, researchers said the genetic testing was able to identify Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 94% of the time. It looks as though researchers are getting closer to finding an answer to the diagnostic CFS puzzle.

When that day comes it will be an awesome victory for ME/CFS patients and for the CFS researchers and specialists who have been fighting for us.

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