Gingko May Help Nerve Pain


Ginko is an herb Fibro patients can take to help with brain fog but there has now been another use possibly found for gingko:  nerve pain and pain that is felt with normal touch, also known as allodynia.  Allodynia is what Fibromyalgia patients experience when they feel immense pain from just a normal touch on their bodies.  I know there are times where my husband will just lay his hand on my back or go to put his arm around me and I jump from the terrible pain.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum says that lipoic acid is also used to help treat nerve pain and he has a product he recommends that includes both lipoic acid and gingko.  It is called Remember and you can purchase it through his website at this link.  If you suffer from both brain fog and nerve pain, he says this supplement may be particularly helpful to you.

I have read Dr. Teitelbaum’s book, From Fatigued to Fantastic, and he probably has the most informative and helpful book I’ve ever read on ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia.  I have never tried any of his products, however, but I have followed some of his protocols using supplements he recommends.  If you have ever tried the Remember product, please leave me a comment.  I am always looking for something new to try to see if I will benefit.  I have both the fibro fog and nerve pain.

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  1. Lucy Parker says:

    Recently I discovered this interesting page that catogorises levels of severity.

    I think it is imperitive to understand:
    1. the level of severity
    2. possible main cause ie toxins,viral…
    3. and at which stage of the illness the patient is at.

    I experienced very severe Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I was bedridden totally for nine months. I suffered seizure and coma. I had cobwebs over my bed. No support. Only two small children and a violent husband whom I married two years into the illness without knowledge of seriousness and possible longterm affects because of non diagnosis from doctor nor prewarning.
    It is now 11 years afterward. I have mild fibromyalgia. A little arthritis in one finger and know I can not work fulltime. My life however is very good. I very much like that I can answer “I am fine thank you.” When asked how I am. After the worst of it I got a magnet and moved it on my head as I felt ‘like an itch’. It helped to begin pathways for neurons.

    Hang in there! It often feels the tunnel will never allow light in but eventually it does.

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