Fighting for Your Insurance Coverage: A Special Fibromyalgia Project

I received an email from the American Pain Foundation that I thought would be of particular interest to my readers here.  Please read below and if you would like to participate in the survey, just click on the link within the post.

“The American Pain Foundation is committed to reaching out to individuals who live with pain. We are well aware of barriers to effective pain care that can be attributed to insurance company policies, no matter what the pain problem. APF has been provided a special opportunity to begin to work on this issue.

We have been asked to lead a coalition of organizations on a special project in Maryland and surrounding states. We are first focusing on the pain care issues of those with fibromyalgia. As a first step, APF needs to know how delays or denials in insurance coverage impacts APF members in Maryland and her sister states.

APF invites you to share your insight on this topic by completing our online survey. This survey will be summarized and shared with you at a later date. Won’t you take just a few moments of your time and let us know more about your struggles with access to pain care? What we learn from you can help us continue this work for others who live with different pain problems.

Inappropriate barriers created by insurance plans for pain coverage is a growing concern for individuals living with pain, their loved ones and caregivers. APF is aware of unfair delays in coverage due to unreasonable policies created by some insurance companies that you, your family or your employer may not be aware of. In order to better understand and serve you, we ask that you complete the following survey. This survey is geared toward those with fibromyalgia as a special focus.

Please complete our Insurance Barriers to Fibromyalgia Survey now!”

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