ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia & the Flu

I've been sick since Friday and I'm assuming it's the flu bug that has been going around.  I've been feeling semi-sick on my stomach and I have a cold and sinus headache and now it's settled in my … [Read more...]

CFS & Fibromyalgia Symptoms Flare In Cold Weather

The weather is as unpredictable as our ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia symptoms can be.  I find that I personally struggle the most with symptoms flaring when the weather and temperatures are at extremes - … [Read more...]

Chronic Pain – Like the Annoying Person Who Never Leaves

When I went in for physical therapy the other day, my therapist asked me that ever-annoying question that us chronic pain sufferers hate to hear:  "What is your pain level today on a scale of 1 - … [Read more...]

My First Week of Physical Therapy…

Last week I started physical therapy and it went rather well.  From what I remember, it is going a lot better for me this time around than what it has previously.  I attribute it to the fact that my … [Read more...]

Physical Therapy Begins Next Week for Back & Leg Pain

I start physical therapy next week for my back pain and my doctor thinks that a lot of my leg pain is coming from my back.  I always feel like I am fighting this neverending, losing battle with my … [Read more...]