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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
  • Home Delivery Food Services for Chronic Fatigue

    We all have to eat, but most of us can cook. Home delivery food services for chronic fatigue sufferers makes enjoying food possible for those who aren’t up to cooking or shopping for groceries. In addition, home delivery food services for chronic fatigue sufferers offers a wide-range of delicious meal options, including gourmet.

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    New Study Shows Supplementing With Probiotics May Ease Anxiety

    According to new research reported in the journal Gut Pathogens, supplements of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota may ease symptoms of anxiety in people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Thirty-nine patients with CFS received daily supplements of either Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota or placebo for two months. Compared to the placebo group, those receiving the bacterial strain reported significant increases in both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.

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    New Study Shows Supplementing With Probiotics May Ease Anxiety

    The body contains billions of both bad and good bacteria and other microorganisms. Probiotics are dietary supplements or foods that contain the good bacteria similar to those found naturally in the body.

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  • Fibromyalgia:

Friends fight fibromyalgia together

Living with fibromyalgia is a vicious circle of pain and depression but Lucy Rowley and Ruthann Bruce found respite from the suffering as well as friendship by attending support group meetings. They now lead the Metro Fibromyalgia & CFS Support Group to help themselves as well as others with the disorder. On Thursday, May 7, they’ll celebrate National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day with a luncheon at Merriman Road Baptist Church in Garden City.

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How to Keep on Living with Fibromyalgia

When you are in pain, the whole world becomes dark and dreary, this is a dismal place to live. You hurt to even put your clothes on in the morning… not just the physical pain of movement first thing in the morning but the intense skin sensitivity that is made worse by those sleeves touching you.

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Her precious gift is the Present: Manatee woman struggles with arthritis

On a good day Erica Carter will walk the dogs and tackle something on her to-do list. The dishes, maybe. A trip to the grocery store. She’ll take one of her grandmothers to lunch. She’ll visit family. She’ll spend time with her nieces and nephews. “A good day is when I wake up and I don’t feel that horrible,” Carter said. The Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter in Bradenton is having a 5K fun run and walk Thursday night in downtown Bradenton. Problem is Carter can’t predict the good days. They don’t happen very often. Carter has fibromyalgia. She suffers from chronic pain in her muscles. She is constantly fatigued. She has trouble sleeping.

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