Experience With Moving Fighting Fatigue to WordPress…

I started blogging about 1 1/2 years ago and I started with Typepad. Typepad to me was pretty simple to get the hang of because you didn’t have to know a lot about HTML codes, etc. in order to get your blog to look pretty neat.

It did take me a while to get used to, but I did not struggle like I am since I have moved to WordPress on my own domain. With WordPress, if you want Google Adsense, you have to download, then upload plugins. Now I can’t figure out how to get Google Adsense in my sidebar. I can only get it to show up underneath each post. So I am frustrated about that.

I DID get the Technorati Tag thing figured out and I found a great plugin that allows me to enter my tags directly under where I create my posts, so that is now like Typepad.

It’s a good thing my son wasn’t here on Friday when I was trying to work on this stuff because I was saying some not so ladylike words!

It is a learning process but just think how much I will know when I’m all done? My husband says that’s a scary thought!

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  1. Thought you would like to check out my blog- it has information on Fibromyalgia, Lupus and other medical posts.

  2. Hi Just Ordinary! I will check it out this weekend! Maybe we could exchange links also!

  3. Hello. 🙂

    Hey, you can always add adsense ad on the sidebar by modifying the template your using. On wordpress admin panel, look out for “Presentation”, and then “Theme editor”. The template file your looking to edit is “sidebar”. But this can only be done if the file on your server is set to ‘writable’.

    If not, as i would always prefer it, is edit the file locally, and upload (replace) to your server.

    Lol..i hope it didn’t sound too “technical” to you..lol. But maybe i can offer my help if you want?? I have always loved wordpress as a blogging platform. Lol.

  4. Hi Rene! You lost me a little bit once you started talking about the file being “writable”!

    I did go into the theme editor I believe and tried copying the adsense code into that but it didn’t work. I don’t know if I need to add anything before and after the adsense code though. Any help would be appreciated!

  5. No you don’t need to “add” anything before or after the code, you just need to know WHERE you are pasting it to, so you won’t be breaking any code tags inappropriately.

    OK, lets see… looking at your sidebar there, say you want to add the code after “monthly archives”, but before “blogroll”. So you’ll be looking to paste the adsense codes around before the “blogroll” word that you can find.

    But more importantly than that, when you go to the theme editor, was there an “update” button at the bottom? Or it was only a line where it says “if this file is writable you could edit it” (something like that)? If there’s no “update” button, that means the file is not “writable” (as i said before, and hence you cannot edit it from there).

    I know some of this might be a little too technical to you (lol). But i don’t really know how to “rephrase” it to plain english… lol. But as i said before, maybe i could do it for you if you let me. I don’t know, up to you.

  6. There is an “Update” button, so I will try it today and let you konw how it works! Thanks so much!

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