Doctor Accused of Falsifying Information In Drug Studies

The recent news of a doctor who has been accused of falsifying the findings in several drug and pain studies is a major letdown for the ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia community.

Dr. Scott Reuben, a highly respected, influential, and much-published pain drug researcher, has admitted to falsifying data in approximately 21 pain and drug-related studies from 1996 to 2008. Now researchers will more than likely have to conduct new clinical trials on these studies to get the correct information. Dr. Reuben was placed on leave of absence after his employer, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, discovered that they had not approved some of his research. Further investigation revealed the extent of his deceit.

The studies that Dr. Reuben allegedly falsified supported the safety and benefits of drugs manufactured by Pfizer -these included Celebrex, Bextra, and Lyrica.Studies by Reuben also included the medicationsVioxx (Merck) and Effexor (Wyeth).How can anyone forget Vioxx and Bextra after being discontinued? These drugs were pulled from the pharmacies after it was proven that they increased the risk for strokes, heart attacks and death.

At least 13 of the 21 studies have been retracted from different journals. According to a New York Times report on the story:

The retracted studies arent expected to affect the drugs regulatory status because Dr. Reubens studies werent part of the packages that manufacturers submitted to the FDA or European authorities.”

To review the list of studies to be retracted by Dr. Reuben, visit this PDF document.


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