Coenzyme Q10 Altered In Patients With Fibromyalgia


What is Coenzyme Q10?  According to ProHealth:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ(10)) is an essential electron carrier in the mitochondrial respiratory chain and a strong antioxidant.

The purpose of this research was to study CoQ10 levels in  plasma and mononuclear cells, and oxidative stress in Fibromyalgia patients.  Muscular alteration, mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are common symptoms that have been observed in those suffering from Fibromyalgia.

Researchers studied and compared the CoQ10 level by HPLC in plasma and peripheral mononuclear cells that were gathered from both the Fibromyalgia participants and the healthy participants.  Also analyzed in Fibromyalgia patients were plasma and mononuclear cells.

The study results:

Higher level of oxidative stress markers in plasma was observed respect to control subjects. CoQ(10) level in plasma samples from FM patients was doubled compared to healthy controls and in blood mononuclear cells (white blood cells) isolated from 37 FM patients was found to be about 40% lower. Higher levels of ROS production was observed in mononuclear cells from FM patients compared to control, and a significant decrease was induced by the presence of CoQ(10).

The study conclusion was that:

  • fibromyalgia patients had altered distribution of CoQ10 in blood components.
  • a defect in the distribution and metabolism of CoQ10 in cells and tissues was confirmed to be due to the oxidative stress background of Fibromyalgia.
  • the protection that CoQ10 provides in mononuclear cells would indicate the benefits that supplementation would have for Fibromyalgia patients.


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  2. Rita Cachia says:

    I take turmeric for pain daily and my COQ10 levels are very high. I do not take Coq10 suppliments and I am 54 year old female.

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