Blue Ribbon Campaign for ME/CFS


The Blue Ribbon Campaign for ME/CFS website is doing great things for ME/CFS awareness.  I found out about this website and campaign through Twitter and I have been having a ball helping to raise awareness & entering the Tweet Contest Giveaway.  A little about the contest…

I am having a contest give away because I want YOU to get more involved. I am going to give away Three prizes May 20th for the top tweeters in the Blue Ribbon Campaign. I am doing this because I want the Blue Ribbon Campaign to become a top tweet and our url to become a top tweet as well.

The Prizes are :

1. $50 USD amazon/or paypal
2. $25 USD amazon/or paypal
3. $10 USD amazon/or paypal

The top three winners and links to their businesses, blogs et cetera will also have a chance to be featured prominently on this website!

Entering the contest is simple and the rules are easy to follow.  You may enter as many times as you wish.  Here’s what you have to do in order to be a part of the Blue Ribbon Campaign Tweet Giveaway:

Each entry must have three elements. Each tweet must contain three things

1. #blueribboncampaign, #brcampaign, #brc4ME (all we be accepted in our tally)

If the tweet is missing any of these things it will not count. This means that you can RT someone else’s vote, and it will count as your vote as it’s coming from your account. All that matters is that three elements make it into a tweet from your account to make it count as a vote. 

The vote begins when this page goes live, and ends at Midnight EST on May 17th, 2009 when this years ME/CFS Blue Ribbon Campaign for Awareness ends.

For examples on some of the ways you can tweet using the above guidelines, visit the Tweet Contest Giveaway page.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign is also working hard elsewhere on the Internet and you can:

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  1. Sandy,

    I first learned of this contest via Andrea (@Killandra on twitter) and have since gotten to know others through her: @perpetualspiral, @redtoffee, and @Runefox.

    Andrea found me through you and it has been great tweeting about M.E./C.F.S. and having Andrea and her buddies support the endometriosis cause. A true win-win. 🙂

    When I posted about M.E./C.F.S Awareness Day, I wrote about Fibromyalgia Awareness Day too (for May 12th’s awareness days).


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