Blood Was Found In My Urine At Doctor’s Visit

I had my quarterly check-up yesterday with my family doctor and I told her about my instance of brown urine I experienced last month and she didn’t write it off immediately as IC symptoms as the urologist did.  She said the urine culture revealed that there was blood in my urine even though it is not visible to the naked eye. 

She said it is more than likely my Interstitial Cystitis but she is doing some blood work and is sending the culture out for further testing.  She also put me on an antibiotic (Cipro) to see if it helps some of the symptoms and in case there is an infection.  She said since I have been experiencing a few high temperatures and my blood pressure has been running higher than normal lately, an infection is very likely.

When my IC used to be really bad I would have blood in my urine that I could see.  I haven’t had any of that, however.  I will be anxious to find out what the further testing on the urine culture reveals.

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