Back to Doctor Again for Sinuses & Ear Fluid

On Monday I was back to see my doctor for my continuing sinus infection and ear fluid issues.  I was at the doctor’s office over 2 weeks ago due to the major fluid buildup in my right ear and even after 10 days of antibiotics (this time it was 300 mg. daily of Omnicef), the fluid was no better nor was the sinus pressure and sinus headaches.

This time when my doctor checked my right ear, she not only saw the same amount of fluid in there she also saw where it looks like my ear is getting infected from the fluid buildup.  I am now on a 10-day cycle of Levaquin, 500 mg. tablets. 

I am always so confused when it comes to taking antibiotics because I never had any luck with natural remedies.  Someone had commented on my last post about my sinus infections to use a Neti pot and try some other less-invasive methods of treatments.  The last time I went the totally natural route to treating sinus problems, I ended up extremely ill and could not talk for days and it took me months to get well.  So while I still use my Neti pot that I have,  I have found that I do get some relief, even if it is only short-term sometimes, by using antibiotics. 

I always notice when I have these bouts of sinus problems that I will start to feel better when I am on the antibiotics but once I am off of them for a few days the old symptoms return with a vengeance.  This time, however, I did not really notice much relief.  I also don’t like the fact that antibiotics kill off good bacteria with the bad and that our bodies can become immune to them.  This is where I’m sure I’m headed but I don’t know what else to do. 

I also use the nasal sprays and I have a nasal steroid that hasn’t helped dry up the ear fluid any.  Is it possible that my ears may need drained since they aren’t draining on their own?

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  1. Good morning. Gotta add my two cents and give a vote for natural treatments! Sinus infections are an all-too-frequent topic as most of my extend family suffers from one extent or another. There have been many things tried and discussed, including acupuncture, changes in diet, neti pot, balloon sinuplasty, you name it!

    But one thing that we all agree on is the importance of keeping those nasal passages clean! This is good practice even when you’re NOT having sinus trouble!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Feeling your pain with the ears, sinuses, etc. It’s been constant for months. Just got diagnosed with menopause. I’m thinking Fibro too.
    Just wanted you to know that you’re not suffering alone. 🙁

  3. You’ve compiled a great list here, and I continue to learn from you. Thanks

  4. I’m thinking Fibro too.
    Just wanted you to know that you’re not suffering alone.

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  6. I’m thinking Fibro too.
    Just wanted you to know that you’re not suffering alone.

  7. I’m thinking Fibro too.
    Just wanted you to know that you’re not suffering alone.

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