A New Interstitial Cystitis Diet Has Been Released

Interstitial Cystitis patients everywhere can now check out the newly revised Interstitial Cystitis diet by visiting this link on the IC Network.  The IC Diet Committee spent six months creating a new and updated list of foods IC patients should be eating and foods that need to be avoided. The committee included Julie Beyer RD (author of the Confident Choices books), Bev Laumann (author of A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an IC diet), Barbara Gordon RD (Executive Director of the ICA), diet IC researcher Barbara Shorter RD (Faculty member at Long Island University) and Jill Osborne, founder of the IC Network.

This is what Jill Osborne had to say about the new diet list:

With three registered dietitians on the team, two IC cookbook authors and key leaders from the two largest IC organizations in the USA, we were determined to create the “ultimate” diet list that blended both anecdotal patient reports with the solid, valuable data gathered from the IC and diet research studies conducted at Long Island University. This new list replaces ALL previously released lists. It is much more comprehensive than previous lists, recategorizes several foods into more appropriate categories (i.e. many cheeses have been moved to the middle “Try It” column) AND provides a list of foods that we think would be soothing during your worst IC flares.

Please click the link below to view the entire guide!  You can print it out, take it your doctor also to view.

2009 IC/PBS Food List

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