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What Is Your Worst Time Of The Day?

What is your worst time of the day?  At what time of the day do you feel like you just cannot go on anymore unless you lie down for a nap?  The time … [Read More...]

12 Symptoms of autoimmune disease infographic

There are many diseases that are classified as autoimmune diseases. Many of these diseases share symptoms. Gretchen over at autoimmunemom.com sent us … [Read More...]

L.A. Weight Loss

Well, unfortunately my diet plan where I was drinking the shake mixes kind of fizzled out.  I was drinking the shakes as meal replacements, but this … [Read More...]

More On Aspartame

I found this article, written by Pat Thomas for The Ecologist, which talks about the dangers of Aspartame.  I know a lot of people do not believe that … [Read More...]

Back to Work: I Made it Through My First 2 Days!

I made it through my first two days of work! Between Sunday and Monday I worked a total of 12 hours and I did rather well considering I haven't worked … [Read More...]