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Neuroimaging Tracks Mental Fatigue in CFS

The neural mechanisms underlying feelings of mental fatigue are poorly understood. Though neuroimaging has been used to show differences in brain … [Read More...]

My CFS Flare: I’m Off Work This Week

Well, my flare continues and I had to call and tell my employer that I would need to be off at least this week and it could be longer - I just don't … [Read More...]

Increase In Low Back Pain with Weight Loss

I know this sounds weird whenever I tell people but the more weight I lose, the more my lower back hurts.  I have degenerative disc disease and some … [Read More...]

Celiac Disease Can Be Misdiagnosed As ME/CFS

Back a few years ago when I was receiving treatment from the Fibro & Fatigue Centers, they did a blood test to determine what foods my body is … [Read More...]

ME/CFS & Sleep Medications

There are a variety of sleep medications that can be used to treat the sleeping disorders that are commonly seen in ME/CFS. Most of these sleep aids … [Read More...]