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Doctor’s Appointment Today for Sleep Issues

I have a doctor's appointment today regarding my lack of sleep. I have been putting off going to the doctor since this started a few months ago but I … [Read More...]

Exercise Testing Reveals Abnormalities in ME/CFS

Source:  CFIDS.org To gain a better understanding of the pathophysiology of CFS, a research team funded by the CFIDS Association and led by Dr. Mark … [Read More...]

Hot Chili Peppers May Relieve Pain

An animal study using rats showed that an ingredient from hot chili peppers placed in an anesthetic may offer more pain relief without causing … [Read More...]

Chemically Sensitive Product Alternatives

The CFIDS Association of America says that Americans use approximately 25 gallons of toxic products per year.  Wow - that is scary, isn't it?  … [Read More...]

Fibromyalgia Treatment Drug Approved by FDA Expected

The first FDA Fibromyalgia treatment drug is to be approved by 2008. The pharmaceutical industry is racing to try and gain approval since prescription … [Read More...]