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Celebrate IC Awareness Month by Joining the IC Facebook Causes Movement!

October is IC Awareness Month and you can help celebrate by joining the IC Social Networking Facebook Group and the Facebook Causes Movement sponsored … [Read More...]

What Is Your Chronic Illness Count Other Than FM or ME/CFS?

As I was taking my medications this morning, I got to thinking that I have never known anyone with ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia to just have those … [Read More...]

Research on Exercise and Fibromyalgia

Thanks to Healthbolt, Skills for Healthy Living, Fitness for Moms and How to Cope With Pain for including this post as part of their blog … [Read More...]

Chronic Pain – Like the Annoying Person Who Never Leaves

When I went in for physical therapy the other day, my therapist asked me that ever-annoying question that us chronic pain sufferers hate to hear:  … [Read More...]

Exercise Suggestions for ME/CFS Sufferers

A person with CFS needs a gentle approach to physical activity and should only make tiny increases in the frequency, duration and intensity of their … [Read More...]