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Are You Bored?

I know for me, even though I am sick, I still get bored.  I will have days where I do not feel well enough to do much of anything, yet I am still … [Read More...]

Interstitial Cystitis – Top Ten of Most Costly Urologic Diseases

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, the five most costly/expensive urologic problems include: - Urinary Tract Infections … [Read More...]

Researchers Find Retroviral Link to ME/CFS

News was just released yesterday that researchers have found a retroviral link to ME/CFS. Researchers at the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, the … [Read More...]

Painful Lymph Nodes, Sore Throat & CFS Night Sweats

I started feeling a little better toward the end of last week but the past two nights I haven't slept hardly at all and I'm feeling the symptoms … [Read More...]

CDC’s Dr. Reeves Quantifies Altered Cognitive Function in ME/CFS

Dr. William Reeves from the CDC conducted a study to test measured deficits in working memory and motor response in ME/CFS that is not associated with … [Read More...]