37 Ways to Have Fun Without Expending Much Energy or Money

Thanks to members on Facebook of the CFIDS Association group, they have come up with 37 ways to have fun without taking up too much energy or money.  See which of these ideas you may be able to work into your life and finances.  After trying some of these, come back and comment and let me know how they worked and how much enjoyment you recieved.  I admit that a few of these sounded rather odd to me (planning a wedding even if not engaged) but I do understand that sometimes we do whatever it takes to pass the time.  What do you do to pass the time while sick if you aren’t bedridden?

  • Put birdfeeders in the backyard. 
  • Plant a butterfly garden.
  • Take up photography.
  • Go to a local nature preserve. 
  • Walk in a shopping mall or local park.
  • Volunteer.
  • Help others with ME/CFS either by phone or Internet.
  • Google “Crochet Stitches” to find youtube.com videos, and teach yourself how to crochet. Teach yourself “Tunisian Crochet” with the help of youtube.com.
  • Take up cross stitching.
  • Play poker online.
  • Refinish furniture you find on the Internet.  Work in 15 minute increments.
  • Make personalized t-shirts using t-shirt transfers.
  • Do the things you enjoyed doing before you became sick, just cut down the amount of time you spend on them.
  • Read books.
  • Surf on the Internet, play Internet games.
  • Watch movies.
  • Go water walking at a local indoor pool.
  • Play dominoes.
  • Play cards.
  • Read interior design magazines that have a lot of pictures.
  • Paint or color.
  • Take up scrapbooking.
  • Talk on the phone for short periods of time.
  • Create a dream book and include pictures that represent the kind of life you want to have.
  • If you are single, plan your wedding (even if you are not engaged).  Go to websites such as TheKnot.com, GetMarried.com, Chapels.com, DavidsBridal.com, BridalGuide.com, WeddingsBeautiful.com, Brides.com, and MarthaStewartWeddings.com.
  • Travel through reading books and researching maps.
  • Work on big puzzles.
  • Buy software and make slide shows for family and friends of events.
  • Lie in bed with young children or grandchildren and enjoy a great child’s movie.
  • Make candles.
  • Purchase audio books if you don’t have the energy to read.
  • Oil painting.
  • Sell your children’s used clothes on Ebay. 
  • Write a love letter to someone special.
  • Rubberstamping – make cards and stationery.
  • Play table tennis.
  • Feed the birds.
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  1. Read books, surf the internet and window shopping.. I think these are great ways to have fun without spending a lot.

  2. Yes, these are great ways to have fun. Surfing the Internet is one of my favorites.

  3. mrzthomas says:

    what do you do when everybody else in the family has done what they have to do. leaving you with no gas or money at all to even do this stuff. how do you enjoy yourself with no money, gas or friends? the volunteer programs i have access to arent calling back, i find my letters in the trash, and i owe the library $220 for missplaced books…what a fun life! lol

  4. mrzthomas says:

    i guess those are good ideas for ppl who have it like that! lol

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