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ME/CFS Patient Testifies On Impact of Disease

Brian Smith, a ME/CFS patient and CFIDS Association board member, testifed in May to the CFS Advisory Committee on how ME/CFS has impacted his … [Read More...]

National CFIDS Foundation Patient Memorial

The National CFIDS Foundation has a memorial page on their website that lists names and other information about patients who have died as a result of … [Read More...]

Springtime Brings Outdoor Poison Exposure Concerns‏

For immediate release April 28, 2009 Springtime Brings Outdoor Poison Exposure Concerns (Alexandria, VA): Springtime brings new poison exposure … [Read More...]

CFIDS – Psychological or Physical?

CFS Psychological or Physical? by Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD Source:  ImmuneSupport.com 01-03-2007 Is CFS psychological or physical? This seemed such … [Read More...]

The National Cancer Institute’s Interim Guidelines for XMRV

The National Cancer Institute has responded to the recent news of the XMRV and ME/CFS link, thanks to a request by the CFIDS Association.  The CFIDS … [Read More...]