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My Son Is Having Problems While Eating

I am a worry wart and it's probably nothing but I would just feel better if I called the doctor tomorrow. Tonight was the second time in the past few … [Read More...]

Awareness for Fibromyalgia in May

May is also awareness month for Fibromyalgia and in honor, the National Fibromyalgia Association is conducting over 50 nationwide screenings of the … [Read More...]

Comments & Opinions On ME/CFS “Cause” & Diagnostic Test Research

I am sure many of you out there have your own thoughts and opinions on the latest news surrounding Dr. de Meirleir's recent press conference revealing … [Read More...]

More Family Health Issues…

Wow - let me tell you - when it rains, it pours in this family.  Two months ago we found out that my brother-in-law had esophagus cancer.  He has … [Read More...]

Guest Blogger Post: 5 Ways You Can Overcome Your Sleep Problems

Please welcome back Heather Johnson as the guest blogger for Fighting Fatigue this week. You can read Heathers byline at the bottom of this post. … [Read More...]