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Interstitial Cystitis News Around the Web

UroToday: Special Report: From the ESSIC Meeting in Göteborg, Sweden - June 3-6, 2009 The meeting of the European Society for the Study of … [Read More...]

Chronic Pain – Like the Annoying Person Who Never Leaves

When I went in for physical therapy the other day, my therapist asked me that ever-annoying question that us chronic pain sufferers hate to hear:  … [Read More...]

Camera Pill To Detect Colon Cancer

A colonscopy is the main technological standard for colon cancer screening.  But many people will not get tested as they should because they fear the … [Read More...]

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Mood Disorders In Women

Research keeps showing that vitamin D deficiency is causing a lot of health problems and now there is more reason for women to worry.  The … [Read More...]

CFS Study Recruiting Patients

The University of Calgary in Canada is recruiting CFS patients for a study of muscle and nervous system mechanisms in post-exertion fatigue. They also … [Read More...]