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Messing with Mother Nature

Leave it up to me to try and mess with mother nature.  I should know better that when I try to do something to benefit me in the future it is going to … [Read More...]

Low Vitamin B12 Associated with Increased White Matter Lesions

Recent research has found that lower levels of Vitamin B12 is significantly associated with a greater severity of cerebral white matter lesions. … [Read More...]

Son Has Reflux Problems

I took my son to the doctor's office today about his throwing up and "choking" issues and she put him on liquid Zantac (Ranitidine) for reflux … [Read More...]

Feeling Guilty

My doctor had filled out the paperwork for me to get a handicapped parking placard.  I only use it when I'm feeling really bad but because of the … [Read More...]

Sinus Infections In ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

Well - the last set of antibiotics, $50 for 7 pills, didn't help because I have another...SINUS INFECTION!  Surprise, surprise.  This is the fifth one … [Read More...]