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Most Descriptive CFS Name To Date…

Immunesupport.com has listed "Sisyphus disease" as the most descriptive CFS new name to date.  This HAS NOT been chosen as the new name, though.  They … [Read More...]

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Around the Web

Weathering the Flu With Fibromylaiga or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I think we all know a few people who've been hit with the flu this year, both the … [Read More...]

Gingko May Help Nerve Pain

Ginko is an herb Fibro patients can take to help with brain fog but there has now been another use possibly found for gingko:  nerve pain and pain … [Read More...]

Lyme Disease Video

This is a great video I found on Lyme Disease.  It is very informative and definitely portrays the seriousness of the illness. … [Read More...]

Maintaining A Positive Attitude

I found this online and thought it was a great read!  I hope it makes you feel better today!! Maintaining a Positive Attitude: Ten … [Read More...]