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Tuesday Health Talk – 7/22/08

3 Chronic Pain Conditions That Can Be Relieved Through Meditation Research is showing that meditation can significantly reduce the pain of certain … [Read More...]

Lupus Walk 2007

I received this email from Christine regarding the Lupus Walk 2007 that is coming up. If you would like to walk, or just donate to help this great … [Read More...]

ME/CFS Pain & Fibromyalgia Pain – Can You Distinguish Between the Two?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients suffer from pain as well as Fibromyalgia patients.  Sometimes it can be hard for patients with both to know whether … [Read More...]

New Year Health Goals – What Are Yours?

With each new year comes hope, motivation and expectations of a brighter, happier and healthier year. I have never been that great at setting new … [Read More...]

Dopamine and Fibromyalgia

A study conducted at the McGill University Centre for Research on pain has proven the first direct evidence that Fibromyalgia patients have an … [Read More...]