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CFS Patients Fight Lazy Label Article

I found a great article yesterday on ME/CFS that is really good.  What I liked about it was the fact that the article doesn't repeat the same … [Read More...]

Exercise – Feel Bad Today

So I exercised again yesterday, increased it to 12 minutes and today I am feeling miserable. My son wants to go swimming so bad at my SIL's house so … [Read More...]

CFIDS Association Anonymous Survey – Take It Today!

The CFIDS Association has an anonymous survey that you can take that closes tomorrow at midnight on August 31st.  What is the survey about?  According … [Read More...]

Does What We Say to Ourselves Affect How We Feel?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy seems to be growing in popularity for CFS and Fibromyalgia patients. Researchers are starting to lean more toward CBT as an … [Read More...]

The After Christmas Meltdown

I made it through Christmas Day rather well - it was the day after that I had a huge meltdown. I cooked Christmas dinner for my parents and my … [Read More...]