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ME/CFS: Like A Thief In the Night

I had one of the most traumatic events happen to me when I was in my mid 20's that most people will probably never experience.  I was held up in an … [Read More...]

Immune Dysfunction

The cause of immune dysfunction in CFIDS & FM is a mystery but it is been concluded that hypothalamic dysfunction and poor sleep more than likely … [Read More...]

Guest Blogger Post: You Need to Speak to the Boss

Please welcome guest blogger, Karen, from Sofa & the City.  You can read her full bio below the post!  I have always believed that it is naive … [Read More...]

Struggling Here…

I have really been struggling for about the past week and I continue to feel worse every day. I guess I did too much while on vacation because I have … [Read More...]

Weekly Posts from IC Disease: 11/16/08

IC Friendly Recipes: Stuffed French Toast I love great breakfast foods and stuffed French toast is absolutely delicious!  I will be preparing this … [Read More...]