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The CFS Name Change Effort

According to ImmuneSupport.com, there have been many people writing in letters sharing their concerns, thoughts and ideas for the upcoming name change … [Read More...]

How Did Your CFS or Fibromyalgia Start?

A lot of us with ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia can look back and figure out when our illnesses became serious problems.  For some of us we came down will … [Read More...]

My Interview With Help My Hurt Website

My interview with the nurse who runs the Help My Hurt website on the b5media blog network is up today! You can read about it at the link … [Read More...]

Down 8 1/2 Pounds!

I am now down 8 1/2 pounds!  Tomorrow will be my third week since I joined L.A. Weight Loss and I am hoping to be down about 30 pounds by my … [Read More...]

Strep Throat Frequency In Adults – Remove Tonsils?

I have strep throat again. I usually get it once or twice a year because my son gets it. He had strep throat back at the beginning of April and I … [Read More...]