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Please Read: Inappropriate Links & Comments

Thanks to one of my loyal readers here at Fighting Fatigue, I found that someone who left a comment had included a pornography link with their … [Read More...]

The Fifth Annual Chronic Illness and Postsecondary Education Symposium

I received the following information via email from Lynn Roster, Director of the Chronic Illness Initiative.  Please forward this information on to … [Read More...]

Son’s Birthday This Week

Today I have started preparing for my son's birthday party this weekend.  I know - most healthy people can start a couple of days before and get … [Read More...]

The Best Vacation Ever!

My husband, son and I just returned yesterday from an almost 2-week trip to Tennessee and Savannah, Georgia.  My husband's oldest daughter lives in … [Read More...]

Detroit Hydrocephalus WALK-WHEEL-RUN & Family Fun Day‏

I received the following email from a Twitter buddy of mine who suffers from an illness known as Hydrocephalus.  I will be posting her guest blog post … [Read More...]