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The Fifth Annual Chronic Illness and Postsecondary Education Symposium

I received the following information via email from Lynn Roster, Director of the Chronic Illness Initiative. ¬†Please forward this information on to … [Read More...]

Metabolic Syndrome

Weight gain is common among people with CFS.† The combination of inactivity, medications and sleeping disorders wreak havoc on our bodies and we se … [Read More...]

Prozac Is My Mask Of Happiness

Having a chronic illness is a battle that I have to fight every single day.¬† Having three chronic illnesses is like drowning.¬† I can't ever seem to … [Read More...]

Here Comes The Bride!

Yesterday I had a great day! My step-daughter, Lori, is getting married in October and we went shopping for her gown yesterday at David's Bridals! I … [Read More...]

Low Zinc & Magnesium Levels Found In Fibromyalgia Patients

Researchers found through a recent study that serum magnesium and zinc levels may play an important role in the pathophysiology of Fibromyalgia. The … [Read More...]